Posted by: riles46 | April 14, 2011

Getting Kind of Ridiculous…

I meant to write this over the weekend, but I kept putting it off and it never got done.  On Friday I went for my first bike ride in about a week.  It was going well until I got to the 17th mile and I blew out my back tire.  Fortunately I was at the end of my ride and was able to call a friend to come get me, since I didn’t have a spare tube.  I had a good 11 mile run (1 hour 25 minutes) on Sunday and then did a light 5 miles on Monday.

I took my rear wheel to the bike shop on Tuesday because the tire had ruptured and I also thought the wheel might be slightly out of true.  Fortunately the wheel was fine and all I needed was a new tire.  After getting the wheel fixed, I took my bike out to make sure everything felt okay.  Less than 2 miles into my ride I had another flat (and again no spare tube).  This time I ended up walking the 2 miles back to my apartment and then went back to the shop and got another new tube.  By the time I got the tube fixed again it was already dark and getting too late to try another ride, so I ended up swimming for an hour.  Today (Wednesday) was another really light 5 mile run and then an hour of swimming.

Something that really surprised me when  I had my two flats was that while I was waiting on the side of the road numerous bikers went by me, but only one stopped over the two days.  Whenever I see another biker stopped on the side of the road I always stop and see if they need help or if there’s something I can do.  Another reason this surprised was because when I’ve had bike problems at home I’ve always had at least one person stop and see if I needed help.  Hopefully this string of flats is over since I can’t afford to keep buying new tubes and wasting nice bike weather.



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