Posted by: riles46 | May 10, 2011

Tough Times

I just noticed it’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything on here, so I figured I might as well write something.  I feel like I’ve gotten into a little bit of a funk with my training.  I took three days off last week and now I feel like I’ve lost some time in my bikes and runs.  I also won’t be able to swim until next week when I get back home which is frustrating because I’ve put a lot of work into my swimming over the past few weeks.

My first workout after my three days off was a 20 mile bike and a 6 mile run.  The bike went ok, but the run was tough.  I started to have some pain in my left knee (which I’ve never had before).  I thought it was a little strange to start to have pain after having taken a couple days off, but the body can react in strange ways.  I guess the best thing I can do is ice it and make sure I stick to my training; I can’t really afford to take multiple days off if I want to do well in my upcoming races.

I’ve also found it increasingly difficult to keep myself motivated to complete my workouts.  Up until recently I looked forward to my runs and bikes, but as of late each one seems more like a chore.  It probably doesn’t help that I don’t have much else going on right now, which has me feeling kind of lethargic, but hopefully the feeling is only temporary.


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