Posted by: riles46 | August 31, 2011

“This is going to be the most bitchingly fast bike in all of Orange County”

I finally got my bike back after having it in the shop for nearly a week.  I guess I picked a bad time to crash at the beginning of last week; there were three different tris in Chicago this past weekend so everyone had their bike in the shop.  What was most aggravating about the whole thing was the fact that there was nothing wrong with the bike, but better safe than sorry I guess.  I rode about 30 miles yesterday and 40 today and felt pretty good.  I’m still a little worried because I wanted to do one more long ride before the race, but probably won’t now since the race is less than two weeks away.

Did a lighter hour run in the evening and felt good, except for some minor pain in my right foot (guess the body is starting to break down).  I keep getting more anxious each day the race draws closer and it seems like there’s always something new I need to buy, this is such an expensive sport!  Today it was new sunglasses and a visor, tomorrow will probably be compression wear, and then who knows after that.

Also on an unrelated note here is the original ending (the better one) to a “New Hope”.  Strangely enough I find it motivating.


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